Sunday, December 2, 2012


Today I watched a play entitled 'heaven's gates and hell's flames'. For a long period of time I had placed my focus on earthly goals: how to get more money, when i will marry, where i will live. All this are great, but the play showed me that the life I am so concerned about can be snatched very fast.
Jesus is my Saviour, He has saved me from my sins, and I no longer have to pay the price for my sins past and future. But most of my workmates are not saved. I have cared little to share the good news of the work of Jesus to them. Life is like a vapour is comes and goes very fast. The lives of my workmates, can be ended at any time and they will face damnation.
But if they turn to Christ then they could be saved. I pray that God would lead me and show me opportunities to share the gospel. I want to be used of God to display and glory of God through Jesus Christ.
I want my workmates to be saved because I love them, and I want them to experience the love of God.
Pray with me.

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