Wednesday, August 19, 2015

com.home.ScaredDeveloperException on line 3

I remember a few years back I would get really scared whenever I would write code and see a gazillion errors as soon as I issue the compile command. Well, back then I was in campus and the programming language I was learning was C++. This really freaked me out. But the truth is there is nothing to be afraid off. A part of me believed that the code I wrote should always work the first time. But years later I know this is not true.

Fast forward to 7 years later and I still have the same fear. I now code in groovy and whenever I see a stacktrace, I feel a wave of despair come over me. But now I have learnt that I need to shake off that fear and simply read through the errors displayed on my laptop screen. You see whenever your code throws those scary exceptions, it's actually communicating something to you i.e. there is an error on this and that line and the error is this. All I need to do is slowly read the error and deductively come to a conclusion based on the facts before me.

There are days I have rushed through and skimmed through the stack trace and more often than not I arrived at a false conclusion. I have learnt that for every effect there is a cause and computers and software in general behave in deterministic ways.

Dear fellow developer do not fret when code doesn't work the first time. Peace

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